There used to be a Seradane.

RIDGD4cI’m making this post mostly for myself, but also all of those of you who might happen to come across the page wondering “What happened to Seradane?”, but then again mostly for myself, since I feel it will be cathartic to put everything down in writing. After all, all these years I’ve been the one capturing and putting down in words the Seradane news to immortalize in a way all of our accomplishments, big or small.
We moved to Silvermoon a few years ago. We moved our guild on a Christmas Eve, there was only 6-7 of us that had decided to make the leap and move to a new realm since our old one had been dropping in population drastically. On that Christmas day, we raided. We didn’t raid cause we had to or for the loot, we raided to spend the evening together, and though none of us mentioned it, we raided to keep each other company, and not leave anyone all alone on Christmas, see I have no family, this guild and the awesome friends that made it with me, have been my family for the last few years.
We had always been a 10m group, for better or worse, it took a small while after moving until we could establish a strong group again, but in time we came to show that we had one of the best 10m groups on Silvermoon. Just as Warlords of Draenor was coming around we knew we only had two options in order to be able to raid 20m mythic mode, either excessively recruit or merge with another group. Excessive recruitment didn’t quite work out for us, since we couldn’t reach an amount of players exceeding 20, that would all play up to our standards. We had several groups approach for a merge, but going through the logs we were reluctant to merge. When we were approached by one Dejan Todorovič known in World of Warcraft as Samhael, it seemed we might have found a small group of players that could play up to the standards we always aimed for.
The plan you see was to create a guild merge, combine the two groups, that small one and our own, and make one fairly strong and competitive group for Warlords of Draenor. But we were lied to.. You see what we agreed to, was to merge the two groups, and be responsible for them as Equals. What Dejan Todorovič actually had planned was to simply get players fast in order to make his group able to raid 20m mythic, push us aside and do whatever the hell he pleased. Needless to say we didn’t keep our own group and guild for all these years to be told now to “shut the fuck up” and “don’t break my balls” by a Slovenian wannabe hippie. We also were not in agreement with the way he would treat people in the guild, constant UN-constructive criticism and belittling remarks or his put-me-to-sleep-now voice reading out of the dungeon journal “raid leading”.
Admittedly putting the welfare of the people in the group who simply wanted to raid ahead of ourselves, we tried to reason with that madman for quite a while, til we said no more, cause we simply couldn’t bare to be in such a group. You see, Seradane may not be around as a name in the top 20 of the realm list anymore, but Seradane will never really seize to exist as long as we play this game. As I say to Darkvvar (Mistomi/Angelicsoul/Leafomi) and he laughs “Seradane is an idea, it can never truly die”. You see the truly great players are not always in the guild with the best rank, we compromised the moment we created this group, we knew we wouldn’t have the realm first or the world top 100, but instead we’d have slower progress but we’d be in a group with people we actually enjoy playing with and our friends, have a good time as well as progress. No one that has actually ever been in Seradane can say that we didn’t push our raiders hard enough, or that we didn’t always strive for the best.
In all the years we’ve had this guild, we didn’t simply invite raid ready players and always have everything go smoothly, we’ve been through ups and downs, we’ve invited plenty of players in whom we saw potential and help them cultivate their play style and abilities and improve, to become some of the really good players you may see around you today, in other guilds or realms. I think it’s only natural to not always be in agreement with the way a certain group operates or to be fond of everyone in that group and to sometimes choose to move along to different groups. People come and people go, it’s just how it goes, both in this game and in real life. Leaving that merge, we didn’t have our full group, only our founders and some members who were in agreement with us, so we couldn’t revert back to re-establishing our own group. It was a bad time to part ways, just the beginning of a tier, but it was definitely the healthy thing to do, cause after all we play World of Warcraft to enjoy ourselves, as much as we enjoy progress and perfection, we enjoy a raid atmosphere in which we don’t feel bored or repulsed or harassed. I deeply appreciate the people who left that merge with us. Of course only time will tell how things will work out for us, we can simply try our best and hope for the best possible outcome.
The way I see it, the Seradane way, whichever group we are in, we’ll make it a little better just by being in it, cause we always put dedication and respect (and love as far as I am concerned) in everything we do or create. 
(Credits for the post theme picture go to hipnosworld who created it for the Icy Veins Christmas Contest 2013.)

14/14 HC! Garrosh Hellscream Down and Tier Complete!


First thing first, a big Thank You! to everyone who stuck it out with us throughout
the course of this expansion and tier.
We had both some really great and fun times and our fair share of bumps along the road,
but all told, same as many times before, you all came through and we made it!

Now without any distraction we can continue with our next zestful
and hefty project,

to empower our guild and make our group flourish from a 10 man to 25 man one,
in preparation for Warlords of Draenor. We’re looking forward to hearing from
those of you who would like to join us, as we expand and strengthen our roster in the months to come,
cause even though the tier is complete, the weekly raids continue,

in search for more raiders (and more Kor’kron Juggernaut mounts!).

Again, to all the raiders, past and present, who were a part of our progress
during this tier, thank you!

It’s a bug-eat-bug world out there, princess. 13/14 Heroic!


Just one more boss to go to complete this tier, Garrosh Heroic here we come!
But we don’t intend to stop there! As soon as possible, once Hellscream is captured,
we plan to expand into a 25 man team and do it all again, in preparation for
Warlords of Draenor Mythic modes!
In order to accomplish that, we are looking for more like-minded individuals
to join us. So if you think you’d like to be part of the Seradane family, now’s the time
to give it a try, applicants of any class and role are welcome!
To read a little more about what we’re looking for, please check our recruitment page =)

12/14 HC! Siegecrafter Blackfuse Down!


Two more bosses to go, while we continue to look for more awesome people to add to our
roster, in order to expand into a 25 man team!!
(To find out which classes we’re on the lookout for check here)

For this one, instead of mentioning the reasons why we took a while before continuing our progress, I will just give a big thanks to Large Dove –
Sargeras US, cause their idea of how to kill this boss was a breath of fresh air –
and also kudos to our very own Tom for bringing it to the table and a round of applause
for the belt team!

I’ll take this post as an opportunity to remind all those that go out of their way to say
mean things, that instead of putting your negative focus on others, you can push your
thoughts in a more positive direction by looking into the welfare of your own guild and the
people you choose to have around you. And if your efforts are fruitless and you can’t ever
find something nice to say, don’t say anything at all ;)

If you’re happy and you know it clap your.. oh. Thok Heroic Down!



Big congrats to everyone for this new kill! For even though to an outsider it might seem
like it took a while, altogether it was just about over a 100 tries.
Great things are ahead, and knowing you all, I’m sure we’ll blast through them,
now that we got the easy bit down, cause let’s face it
we’re divergent creatures!
(And yes, we love markers and.. “druid stuff”,
pictures are so dull without them! Cause.. flowers!)

And this “meanie” picture needed to be part of this post..
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As a little reminder, we’re still on the lookout,
for more Ranged Caster Dps and a Healer,
so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to
head over to our forum and drop off
your application!

10/14 Heroic! Spoils Of Pandaria Down!


After killing Malkorok Heroic a couple of weeks ago, we got back in track last night
with Spoils Heroic!  I’m very proud of all the boys, and also thankful to our friend
Bobby who, even though he’s stopped raiding actively, stepped up to the occasion
and helped us land this kill.

Looking forward to Thok Heroic, and the few bosses remaining to finish this patch.
We are still looking for a Ranged caster Dps (Mage, Warlock, Shaman..) and a Melee
Dps (Death Knight or Monk) to join us, so if you’re interested in completing this patch
in a timely manner and with a friendly funny bunch please visit our forum and apply!

I’m going to leave you with a bit of our pleasantries, that made me smile
“Scotty: I have been getting really lucky with the coins..” “Vincy: You mean you’re
really lucky you met me!” “Scotty: I bet you say that to all the guys.” Scotty for
President!  And much love to everyone xx .

8/14 Heroic!


It’s been a fun week in Seradane, thanks both to the lovely new additions to the team
and the good old “veretans”, making once again a great mix!

We swiftly downed 3 new heroic bosses, Iron Juggernaut, Dark Shamans and General
Nazgrim within a couple of days and more is yet to come =)

(If you are a ranged caster dps – shaman,warlock,mage..- or a death knight dps
and you’d like to tag along for the ride feel free to visit our Recruitment/How to apply


Sha Of Pride Heroic Down!

Along with Immerseus, The Fallen Protectors and Norushen, all on Heroic and their respective
pictures managing to get lost in space,

we are now steadily progressing through the content,
even though we had a couple of sudden changes made to our roster.


> the pandas were sad without a picture <

We are still on the lookout for new members (not reserves), so if you are a ranged caster dps
(warlock, mage, shaman..) , a death knight dps or a healer, feel free to head over to our
recruitment page and see if you’d like to apply.