Important note: Recruitment is currently closed.

Raiding schedule for Warlords of Draenor

20:00 – 00:00 Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday
(These are our raiding days during Progression, the number of days is of course reduced as soon as the content is on “farm”.)

What you can expect from us

Progress through the highest difficulty content, in a timely manner.
Experienced and motivated teammates.
Friendly atmosphere and a respectful community.

What we expect from you

Hard mode raiding experience.
Team spirit. The success of the group should feel equally rewarding to personal success.
Fluency in English and willingness to communicate over voice-com (TeamSpeak3).
To have great knowledge of your class and specs, along with the ambition to continuously improve your performance.
You should be able to provide useful feedback during progress and to be able to adapt to situations as they present themselves.
You should be able to receive constructive criticism.
We value personality and attitude just as much as skilful gaming, so you need to treat everyone with respect, and have a decent attitude towards other guild members but also towards players outside of the guild, since your behavior/language reflects upon the guild and all of its members, in all of your World of Warcraft interactions.
You need to be available for every scheduled raid and maintain a 100% attendance, with the exception of unexpected circumstances and extremely important commitments.

Loot Distribution

We consider loot a tool, not a reward, and thus we distribute drops via loot council, always in the most beneficiary way for the entire group and the guild’s progression.

About the guild

Seradane was created by a group of friends that raided together under different guild names since early 2011 until we decided to create our own guild in August 2012.
We had previously cleared all of the 10 man hard more encounters before Pandaria was released and always had a tight-knit, respectful and friendly community within the guild. We’ve been raiding uninterruptedly throughout the years, even during long farm periods, simply for the pleasure of getting together and playing.
We migrated to Silvermoon on 25 December 2012, a Christmas gift to ourselves and the guild, since we previously resided in a mid-pop server that turned into a low-pop server during T13.
The transfer of the guild interfered with the completion of T14 (Sha of Fear HC – Grand Empress HC weren’t completed as current content but later on), but by the time T15 came around the dynamic was restored and we completed Throne of Thunder as realm 9th (10m) and had an even better go in T16 since we were the 9th guild in realm (10m and 25m guilds combined) to down Garrosh HC pre-nerf.
For T17 we merged with another guild for Mythic raiding, but the other guild was completely dishonest about their intentions (a highjack). The Seradane founders/leaders along with loyal members went their separate way. Thanks everyone! It was really good while it lasted.

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