12/14 HC! Siegecrafter Blackfuse Down!


Two more bosses to go, while we continue to look for more awesome people to add to our
roster, in order to expand into a 25 man team!!
(To find out which classes we’re on the lookout for check here)

For this one, instead of mentioning the reasons why we took a while before continuing our progress, I will just give a big thanks to Large Dove –
Sargeras US, cause their idea of how to kill this boss was a breath of fresh air –
and also kudos to our very own Tom for bringing it to the table and a round of applause
for the belt team!

I’ll take this post as an opportunity to remind all those that go out of their way to say
mean things, that instead of putting your negative focus on others, you can push your
thoughts in a more positive direction by looking into the welfare of your own guild and the
people you choose to have around you. And if your efforts are fruitless and you can’t ever
find something nice to say, don’t say anything at all ;)