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I miss Seradane too.

The forum is broken, and only Sander knows how to fix it. I just want to say, that just like Lars, I miss our guild too.
I miss what we had, I miss how we treated each other, I miss how we played together,
all the times we sang “to the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left”.
I remember the day that Lars joined the guild to trial, and how instead of trialing, he got the job on the spot, (due to a very specific circumstance, which I remember as well, do you?), and how with coaching from all of you and his incredible will to learn and be better, he went from being a noob paladin tank in Throne of Thunder, to one of the best protection paladins on the realm, as time went by (look at Siege of Ogrimmar for the receipts).
A shout-out to Erwin, Sander, Bobby, Daniel, Steven (make it two shout-outs for Steven), Omar, Scott,

our druids Vaggelis, Louay and Kristoffer, an honorary mention to Yashar, for all his loving and supportive recruitment efforts and that one time in Mogu’shan Vaults (if you know, you know!)
and also everyone who is not mentioned above by name, yes I remember you too, and truly hope you are all well!

p.s. Feel free to add me on discord if you’d like to say hi, it’s vincy (all lower-case letters).