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Garrosh Hellscream Down! Heroic modes here we come!

Garrosh Down

 After quickly getting through the Paragon of the Klaxxi, which contrary to the rumours was achieved just as effortlessly as the rest of the fights on normal mode, we completed our first Siege of Ogrimmar guild run tonight, and got our first Garrosh kill.
On the funny side of things here’s two lines that made me laugh:
“Vincentia: Why the armory refuses to update and acknowledge we killed the Paragon?”
“Moosie: Cause it’s a bug, get it?”

Welcome to the new home of Seradane on Silvermoon Eu


Just a few days, before the upcoming patch, and the Siege of Ogrimmar,
we finally got around to sorting our website’s front page, so that the news of our kills and
our screenshots will at last have a home of their own.

With just about no exciting news in the air at this time, I will just take a moment to say my
goodbyes to the beautiful waters of Vale, a home to the countless moths,froggies and
water striders, and also the best place-to-be for all of our oh-so-many hours spent,
leveling the spectacular little additions to our lovely pet-battle teams.

Really looking forward to the Celestial Pet Tournament, and all the new battles pets,
particularly baby Xu-Fu, cub of Xuen!

I wish you all the best of luck in your adventures and endeavors, in Siege of Ogrimmar
and the Timeless Isle!

..and to getting used to the Vale’s new look.. *sigh*